In Memoriam: An Ode To Sudan

The Earth heard a heartbeat

Like the pitter-patter of rain

And there lay in her craggy lap

The fruit of the womb, a tungsten flame.


The lone monarch of the wastelands

A blue-blood by birth

An oriflamme of an age-old battle

A torch-bearer for the Earth.


Born to a namesake land

He was the past, present and future rolled-into-one

An expression, an extension of kith and kin

To the bipeds a savior, a chance at a second run.


But to his mother, a babe

Who for 18 months she bore

A child to be left unencumbered

With the murderous truth of yore.


Over time he grew, a fine specimen of his kind

Became a father to three and grandfather to one

But he still had a job to complete

Which could lead to The End, if left undone.


But age took its toll

The bells had rung their chime

He was finally free now

To munch on the grass of time.


Given the honor of a guard

He spent his days in drowsy delight

Had his own tinder account*

Drawing attention from every king and knight.


Finally released was he from his mortal frame

Allowed to exit from this vicious play

Now onward he lumbers, to his next pasture

Look at him going, he takes your breath away.





Sudan, the last male Northern White Rhino in the world, died on March 19, 2018, due to age-related problems. More on this here.

*Sudan was one of the few endangered animals to be on Tinder; an attempt to save his kind from extinction.


Image sources: Huffington Post